Miscellaneous Musing |Techie Talk by Judy @ 2:16 PM

“They” did something to my work email over the weekend. In the process, every email message received in my account since March 1st was remarked as “unread.” This poses a problem, because I normally leave messages that I need to respond to unread so I remember to follow up. There are now about 600 email messages I need to go through to determine what I was doing with them, and whether they should be marked “read” or left “unread.”

But even worse is my calendar. Every item since mid-January in my already full calendar has been duplicated, triplicated or quadruplicated. Every one. From January through next December. Many are repeating entries, but I can’t delete all of the repeats, or it deletes all of the duplicates also.

After several long conversations with techie support guys, it appears that there’s no solution but to delete all of the duplicate calendar entries one by one. Well… there is another solution, but it would involve losing all of the email I’ve received since Saturday, which is not OK.

I’m shuddering to think what’s going to happen when I try to sync my Palm.

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