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The upgrade to WP1.5 is officially “done.” (I hope!) I’ve added a few new tricks, like live preview for comments.

A few of the newer skins have been converted to themes, so please feel free to pick a different look and feel if you don’t like this one. I’ve even left Kubrick (the WordPress default) as a theme choice, so PI look like 3/4 of the other blogs out there.

I’m hoping to add a spell checker. I’m waiting to hear back from my host regarding and executable I need for that.

In other news, I received three roses yesterday from Canada: An Apothecary’s Rose (R. gallica ‘Officinalis’ ), Jude The Obscure and Eyepaint. The Apothecary’s Rose is one of the oldest roses, having been in cultivation since before 1500. Jude is the only rose that I know of that has my name in it. And Eyepaint is my favorite rose ever.

I was not able to find either Jude or Eyepaint anywhere locally — or even in the lower 48 — thus the order from our northern neighbors. There is a place in North Carolina who promised to grow an Eyepaint for me. I expect to hear back from them in a year or two. But that’s not nearly instant enough gratification.

I also had lunch with M yesterday, and she brought me 8 strawberry plants from her yard. Her strawberries originally came from my yard, and she was returning the favor.

So today, I planted.

Pics of the roses when they bloom. The berries I’m keeping for myself. 🙂

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