Miscellaneous Musing by Judy @ 7:12 AM

I’ve never had an ice-maker before. One was available for the 20-year-old, now-defunct fridge, but we didn’t have it installed. I have one now.

Did you know that when ice drops from the ice maker into the bin, it sounds almost exactly like a gun shot?

Can you imagine how three particular cats who are not used to being shot at feel about that, especially when they’ve just settled down for a long, long nap… BANG!

There was lots of hubbub yesterday when the new fridge was delivered. The front door had to be removed from the hinges, so the cats had to be rounded up and stashed in my bedroom. My sideboard (full of antique dishes that belonged to my forebears and some of which are over 100 years old) had to be very quickly unloaded and moved to the side. What little food I had managed to preserve had to be unloaded from the freezer (the only cold place in the old fridge) very quickly.

And then it turned out that one of the delivery guys was allergic to cats.

But now I have coldness available. And my remaining food is at the appropriate temperature. And I have fresh, cold water available via the door of the fridge. And ice. BANG. And unhappy kitties.

Today I go grocery shopping and start looking for a water heater.

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    • resistentialism (ri-zis-TEN-shul-iz-um) noun

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      Paul Jennings
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