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Another busy weekend, with lots of running around to do. I did manage to work in a little knitting, between other project.

I finished the sock scarf! 😀 It’s a bit shorter than I might have liked. But I used all but about 2 yards of my yarn, so I guess it’s as long as it was going to be! And it’s long enough to go around my neck, so I guess it’s OK. I’ll post a pic after I get it washed and blocked.

After trying really hard to like the addi Naturas, I found that I was still having problems with the yarn snagging. And, the difference in needle size (2-1/2US rather than 2US), did make a difference. Fortunately I’m surrounded by wonderful knitting stores: The Yarn Garden right across the bridge from work, Woodland Wool Works in Carlton if I feel like an expedition, and almost right on the way home there’s Northwest Wools.

Since I’d already bought needles from both The Yarn Garden and Woodland Wool Works, I decided it was Northwest Wool’s turn. I gritted my teeth, tried to put aside my feelings about non-wood needles, and snagged a pair of addi Turbos in 2.5mm (size 1 to addi, size 2US to the rest of the world), and started the Wildfoote socks over again (again).

Yeah. OK. I love the addi Turbos. They are very smooth and fast, never snag, have wonderful non-twisting cables, don’t split my yarn, should have bought them years ago, yadda yadda yadda. But I think I’ll stick with my Clover bamboo needles for sizes above 3US.

I’ve almost finished with the toe increases on the Wildefoote socks. I’ll post a pic of them, also, when I get a bit further along.

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