wavy raspberry socks

I finished the Wavy Raspberry (aka Vera) Socks Yea!!!

Aren’t they pretty? I’m so not a pink person, but I just love how the raspberry color sets off the browns and creams and little dabs of teal. I love how the colors sort of spiral up the ankles. I love how it ended up reminding me of grandma’s old afghan.

Usually when I get finished with something, it’s sort of like… oh yeah, another pair of socks; oh yeah, another sweater; meh. But every now and there’s a finished object that makes me just want to stop people on the street and say, “Look at what I made! I made this!” And that’s what I want to do with these.

The particulars:

  • Lorna’s Laces Shepherds Sock, colorway Vera
  • Inox Gray needles, US#2 (2.75 mm)
  • Cast-on: My own invention, which I will hopefully be able to share soon
  • Bind-off: Tubular bind-off
  • Sock Pattern: My own standard pattern that fits my feet
  • Heel: Eye of Partridge
  • Stitch Pattern: A standard wavy stitch pattern with every 6th row purled.
wavy proof

And all of you Thursday night Tangle knitsters… I saw you guys. You were were all looking at these socks and carefully not saying… so these aren’t going to fit…

Well, here’s the proof that they do, indeed fit my feet perfectly! And my feet are very happy.

so there! 😆

I’m wearing these today with clogs, and despite the wavy, purly nature of the stitch pattern, the ankles are not at all slouching.

As always, clicking the pics will get you a bigger version in a pop-up. I wish I could get decent natural-light pics at my house in the winter, but the bottom picture colors are fairly close to real life, at least on my monitor.

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