Tilt back

This is Tilt from Knitty.

Knit on size US#8 and US#9 needles from Noro Silk Garden color #228.

Yes, it really is this bright. Click on the pictures to view the larger versions.

I followed the pattern, for the most part, except I made the sleeves shorter so they would fit my stubby arms. And it does fit very well.

After finishing and blocking, the collar refused to lie flat. There were two problems: The neck stretched out because of the weight of the sweater body, and the collar was bound off too tightly. I solved the first problem by crocheting a row of chain stitches inside the neck edge to give the neck more support and shape. I also undid the bind-off around the collar, knit one more row and then worked a stretchy single-crochet bind-off.

Tilt front

Voila! The finished product.

I had purchased extra yarn because I decided that the placement of the stripes mattered to me. I have enough dribs and drabs of skeins left over to knit a pair of socks.

Do I like the jacket? Yes, pretty much. I don’t know that I will wear it a lot, though. It fits well, but not in a particularly flattering way as it emphasizes a few things I’d rather not have emphasized.

And it’s bright. Really bright.

But it’s also wonderfully warm and cozy and soft, so at the very least it will see service as a sweater to wear around the house.

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