Sock Scarf Two

Here’s a better picture of Sock Scarf Two, posing on my bed. (Click the pic for the larger version in a pop-up.)

Knit of Cascade 220 in color # 4002 (dark gray), #8010 (off-white) and #2401 (burgundy). Knit on two size US#10-1/2 circs. I knit both socks at the same time toe-up, and then grafted together at the top in the ribbing.

Five lessons learned from Sock Scarf Two:

1) I’m not fond of knitting scarves. I should remember this next time I have a sudden urge. Remind me if I forget again, please!

2) Knitting toe-to-toe like I did on Sock Scarf the first was more successful. I don’t like the way the grafting looks between the ribbing on Sock Scarf Two, and that’s why I didn’t make more of an effort to get a good pic of the ribbing. One row of straight knit at the top of each sock might have looked better. Or maybe a provisional cast on at the top, and then worked both socks top-down.

3) I could do a lot better at the “jogless jog.” That technique may work great for some people. My jogless jogs still jog plenty.

4) I do like the way the garter heels stand out against the main stockinette. It makes the scarf look even more “socklike.”

5) Some people have no sense of humor and do not understand why a sock scarf is a fun thing to wear. These people will never get it. They should be treated with kindness and compassion nonetheless.

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