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Yesterday I wore my favorite store-bought sweater. It’s my favorite because, first of all, it’s a henley-style pullover and I find those very comfortable. And it’s a silk / mohair / wool blend, so it’s very warm but light-weight. And it’s bright rainbow stripes separated by black stripes. So, while colorful it’s not obnoxious. And when I bought it, it was on close-out, and marked down, and then put in the final sale rack, and I had a coupon. So a $120 sweater cost me $15. I should have bought two of them. But I digress.

Yesterday I wore my favorite store-bought sweater. As I waited for the elevator, one of my colleagues said to me, That’s a very bright sweater! It’s nice on a gray day like today.

I thanked him, and he continued, With all those colors, you could wear those with any socks and shoes you wanted! Then he looked at my feet.

Oh, he said, you did! 😆 We both chuckled all the way down in the elevator.

Did I tell you I also love my Danskos?

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      (Albert Einstein)
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