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Raven Wings blocking
Raven Wings blocking

But look! The Wings Of The Raven is off the needles and blocking.

It’s done.

I finished it with almost a week to spare. And I should have, because I’ve been knitting on it obsessively. It was a fun knit. But I admit that towards the end, as the rows got longer and longer and longer, I did have to start playing little games with myself… one more row before dinner… that sort of thing.

It came off the needles, a big black blob, at around midnight. I’m sure you will agree, gentle reader, that he only logical thing to do at that point was to start blocking.

I’m blocking it on #1 Son’s bed. He won’t mind. He’s in Brazil. His bed was not quite long enough. So, unseen in this photo, I have a 1′ x 2′ padded board propped up on a shoe box sitting on a garbage can at the end of the bed to hold the tip of the left wing. There’s a book jammed in between the board and the bed to keep it at the right angle and tension.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and all that.

There won’t be any problem with leaving it there while it dries since nobody is using that room right now. And I can close the door so that the kitties don’t feel obliged to investigate. The only drawback is that, since the door is closed, Moo Cow is convinced that #1 Son has somehow snuck in and is hiding in his room. She has been crying outside the door, and I cannot convince her that he’s not there. Poor baby. I miss him, too.

It’s blocking. I’m having a drink and then going to bed.

Thank you, all, for your encouragement on my little maybe-endeavor. It means a lot!

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