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I have DVR. I have never had one before.

Last Friday, I disconnected my old cable box and went over to my cable company’s customer service department, where I was met by a big sign that suggested Take A Number. My number was 001. I sat down amongst a bevy of other folks who were waiting for their number to be called.

Now serving 183 at counter 6! blared the loudspeaker.

I hoped that the numbers started over at 199, because there were only 16 people ahead of me. If the numbers didn’t start over until 999, I was in for a long, long, long wait.

But I could knit while I waited. I opened my purse to get the current socks-on-the-needles out. There was no knitting in my purse.

I banged my head against the cable box a few times. Even if I only had to wait through 16 people, it was going to seem like a long, long wait.

It was just under an hour before I heard Now serving 001 at counter 7!

Because I’d called first, the nice person at counter 7 knew exactly what I wanted. He scanned in my old box, looked at my photo ID, and handed me the new box. Total time of transaction: Approximately 2 minutes.

I recorded about 12 shows the first night.

Then I set the thing up to record more shows every night. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve gotten used to having this thing. Before, if I missed a show it was just too bad. Not that there’s much on to watch right now anyway. But there are, I found out, several shows that are only on during the day that I can record now and watch later. Like Knitty Gritty and History Detectives. I have a nice long list of shows that I’ve recorded now.

How do I get caught up?

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