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Long ago I pondered on these little mysteries, but none of them have ever been explained. If you have any insight, gentle reader, please don’t hesitate to share it.

Why does the top of Moo Cow’s head (just the top) smell like ketchup? Except when it smells like flowers? It has since she was a kitten. She’s an indoor cat with access to neither ketchup (really) nor flowers (usually). But there it is. Both of the other cats smell like… cat.

Why do spoons disappear, but not knives or forks?

Why do the cups multiply in the cupboards, but I can never find a clean glass? No, they’re not in the dishwasher either. Is there a wormhole in the time-space continuum that sucks up glasses? Or are they out cavorting with the spoons (seems an unlikely pairing)?

Why is it that a medium pizza isn’t enough for two (when one is a teenager) but a large is way too much? Can’t the pizza places sell a medium-large? We have never been a cold-pizza-eating family.

Where did my Cat Stevens CD go? I’ve been looking for it for more than three years. Believe me, it’s not #1 Son’s type of music.

When their fibers and colors are so gorgeous, why can’t Noro sell a skein of yarn that doesn’t have a knot in the middle (starting over with a random color), and that isn’t full of sticks and twigs and random ickiness?

Some things in life, it appears, are just not explainable.

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