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new toy
new toy

I hate being sick. I take it very personally. And this is that icky thing going around that has settled in my chest and just doesn’t want to let go. I just keep thinking that if I could actually breath it would be so much easier to get better, eh?

I have to confess, here, that I’m probably the last person on the entire planet to own an MP3 player. I just never saw the advantage of having one. That is until last week at the Floating Knitting Retreat where Cat had one of the new iPod Nanos. It was so tiny and cute. And she had knitting videos on it. I must have one of those, I said. A green one.

Now that’s a use I can understand!

Then I remembered that I had a couple of gift cards to Costco, and I hadn’t decided yet how I was going to spend them.


I’m sure you know what happened when I got back. I dithered for a couple of days, then… I caved in to the inevitable.

Isn’t it cute? And, look! There on the screen! That’s Lucy Neatby talking about lace. And I can store all of the podcasts I listen to in it as well. And listen to knitting podcasts in the car.

I’m hooked. Now I wonder how I even lived without this before.

I noticed on the Apple website that you can buy little socks to keep your Nano in. We don’t need to buy no stinkin’ socks! I exclaimed (or words to that effect). I whipped out my trusty Addi Lace needles and whipped up a little iPod sock from some of the Jaegger Trinity left over from Rowan Margaret’s Silken Slippers. My little Nano is very happy cradled in silk and cotton — and an added plus is that the sock stretches enough to also accommodate the earphones. Eventually I want to make a felted cozy for it using the double-knitting techniques I learned last week from Lucy. But for now the sock works very well.

The Particulars:

  • Yarn: Jaeger Trinity (40% silk, 35% cotton, 25% polyamide / 50g, 200m per skein) in colorway 431 (Sage)
  • Needles: one pair 24″ Addi Lace, US#2
  • Pattern: none. Made up as I went along. Started with Judy’s Magic Cast-On along the bottom, and knit straight in 1×1 ribbing until it was long enough.

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