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we have heel
we have heel

After a little knitting, a little frogging, a little more knitting, etc., I have a heel I’m happy with. The socks still look pretty strange off the needles, but you can see that this one, at least, fits my foot pretty well. I’m assuming that the other one will, too, since the socks are the same size and my feet are at least close. But one never knows, eh?

As soon as I get the heels finished, I’ll start adding in a few beads. I really didn’t want beads inside my shoes, as that didn’t sound too comfortable. So I decided to put beads only on the ankles. I tried a few bead placements yesterday. I think less is going to be more where these socks are concerned. Some socks I would bead all over the place. But these already have a lot going on. I think just a few beads worked into the lace band will be an ample sufficiency. I have some lovely square beads that will be perfect.

Thanks to those of you who commented on my Hat Theory. With our little totally unscientific study, the phenomenon seems widely enough known, even to our friends in the North, that it must be fairly common. Hopefully I will not have any Hats making me late today.

Today I will blame the rain.

Rain has returned in spades to the Pacific Northwest. And it’s cold. I’ve been wearing wool socks all week. Not that I mind doing that, you understand. But I’m not ready for winter. It seems like we barely had summer. My vines produced a bumper crop of grapes this year, but few of them have ripened. If it rains too hard, the remaining ones will just get knocked off. The local raccoons will appreciate that. But I will not.

Speaking of local wildlife, there were some stories on the local news last week about a family of coyotes not too far from my area. Apparently the reporters are surprised to learn that coyotes can be fairly urban animals. I wasn’t surprised, having had one run through my back yard last year when the fence was down, and having listened to their music for many years. I like sharing my world. The reporters tried to drum up some OMG our pets and children may be in danger!!!!! frenzy. But fortunately most of the people they interviewed seemed very live and let live and aware that the coyotes were not much danger to we civilized animals.

Lately I’ve been hearing an owl hoot at night. It’s a lonely but lovely sound in the wee hours.

I am not ready for winter.

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