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Blog housekeeping, that is. I should probably be doing more of the less virtual kind of housekeeping, too… But, there you have it.

I’ve decided to release my Snake River Socks pattern out into the wild. You can find it by clicking on the link, by going to the Freebies page, or on the right-hand sidebar.

Although I’ve given a hardcopy of the pattern away, as far as I know nobody has knit it yet, so there may be errors in it. If you decide to try it out, gentle reader, please let me know the results. Definitely let me know if you find any errata.

The to Snap or not to Snap poll is now closed. There’s a large majority in favor of Snap, so I’ll leave it on. Those of you who don’t like Snap can make it go away this way:

  • Hover over a link so the Snap box pops up.
  • Click on the [Options] link in the upper right corner of the Snap box.
  • When the options appear, select either of the disable Snap options — disable for this site or disable everywhere.

All gone.

My apologies to visitors and gentle readers who use IE 6. In a fit of upgrade madness I decided to try to make the PI template — under the covers it’s a rather hacked-up and messy affair — a little more efficient. It looked great in Firefox and IE 7. I neglected to check it in IE 6, where it was seriously broken. Oops. It’s all better now. I’ll leave it alone now. It would truly be a miracle if all of the browsers would work the same.

Kathy asks if Abundant Yarn is collecting the felted cranes for the KnitNotWar 1,0o0 project. I don’t know for sure. Since it’s a local Portland project, I assume that there is more than one collection point. I suggest visiting the KnitNotWar 1,0o0 site and emailing Seann McKeel for the particulars.

There will be a new sock class starting probably in April. Until then, I am knitting away in a desultory fashion on Clapotis #2. It is more than half finished. If I could just get myself in gear, it could be actually completely finished. Wonders will never cease.

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