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not my Hoover

Last week #1 Son asked to borrow my vacuum, just for a couple of days. I consented.

He came over last week while I was not home because I was knitting away in sock class and picked up both my vacuum and my carpet steamer. Later in the evening we had a phone conversation in which I tried to explain how to actually use the vacuum:

#1 Son: How do you use the attachments thingies?

Me: You have to pull the long handle tube out of the flexible tube thingy and then you attach the flexible tube to the other side of the handle and then you can put the attachments on the end of the long handle tube.

#1 Son: Is the flexible part supposed to go in the vacuum somewhere?

Yeah… it was one of those conversations.

I have called #1 Son a couple of times since… OK, more than a couple of times… to inquire after the health of my vacuum and find out when it would be returning. Soon I was promised. Soon.

Come back, vacuum… I need you…

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