Knitting by Judy @ 8:36 AM
still unfinished Jaywalkers

So I didn’t get the Jaywalkers finished by the time my class started last night. I found an old pair of Addi Turbos I could start my class socks on. I am punishing myself by refusing to take the Jaywalkers off the Knitpicks needles until they are finished. Not that I have anything against Addis. I don’t really prefer them for knitting socks, though, because of the blunt points. And this pair has one needle that’s bent.

I decided to knit a pair of socks along with my class this time. I don’t usually do that, but I’m all for trying new things to find out what works best. In the past I’ve used large needles and bulky yarn to demonstrate because I thought that would be easier for people to see. But it turned out that people had a hard time translating that back to sock-sized needles and yarn. So this time we’re having a little sock class KAL. And I have cast on some really lovely Socks That Rock in a colorway called downpour that I picked up a the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. It’s a manly mix of browns and grays that fits right in with the current weather up here in the Pacific Northwest. Lately I’ve considered commuting to work via canoe.

The class socks are meant for the same recipient as the doomed Socktober Socks #1. But, as not to jinx my newly returned sock mojo, I am referring to them only as the “class socks.” I need to be up to the gussets by next Tuesday. And if I want to be doing that on the Knitpicks needles, I gotta be finishin’ those blasted Jaywalkers.

I tell you, gentle reader, these socks are just interminable. I’ve been in the knitting black hole since I cast on the toes. You can see from the picture that I’m getting closer to the end, though. Another couple of inches and I can do the ribbing and be done. They go over my heel with no problem, so I think the fit will be fine. And I do like the yarn and the color, which I would definitely knit again. I don’t think I’ll knit Jaywalkers again, though.

And what, you may ask, happened to my trusty Inox Greys that have knit so many pair of happy socks? Why am I reduced to casting onto a bent Addi? 🙁 Both Knitpicks and Addi US#1 needles are 2.5mm and US#2 are 3mm. My beloved Inox US#2 are 2.75mm and Inox US#1 are 2.25mm. Alas, never the twain shall meet. And with my knitting, at least, that .25mm difference between needles is enough to change my gauge. While I love having so many options, it means I can’t switch with impunity between Knitpicks and Inox. Thus the Addis.

Now… two pairs of socks to get moving… because I really, really, really want to start that sweater!

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