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It was cold here yesterday. Really cold, at least by Portland standards. Cold enough to break out a heavy coat and a scarf. I chose my lovely sock scarf as the cold-weather accessory du jour. I got a lot of smiles and comments about it. It’s cute and funny.

Made me want to make another one. A longer one. Maybe a striped one.

So I have three colors of Cascade 220 (color # 4002, a dark gray; #8010, an off-white; and #2401, a burgundy) that will soon turn into a lovely striped sock scarf. I’m thinking plain stockinette with garter, short-row heels this time.

And I’m going to finish the damn thing before I start anything else.

I’ve said that before, haven’t I?

In other knitting news, I tried to knit the Pacific Northwest shawl while half asleep and ended up royally screwing it up, after having finished all of the seagulls. Of course I had no life-line in place. Why would I do something smart like that? Not trusting myself to rip out rows and then pick-up lace stitches correctly, I had to tink back stitch by stitch to the place where everything was right again. It was 20 rows. An average of about 120 stitches per row. It took hours, and I had to take out all of the work that I’d done since picking it up again. 😥

Then I put in a lifeline.

Before becoming distracted by sock scarf two, I had completed all of the seagulls and started on the pine trees. I’m moving the lifeline up periodically. So far, so good.

I really want to finish a project or two. Guess I should stop starting new ones, eh?

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