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#1 Son drove his car (that would be my old Outback) with leaking water pump and no coolant. The car was not happy about it. The mechanic supervising the rebuilding of the engine is probably a lot happier — or will be when I fork over my hard-earned cash to him. It was an expensive lesson and one that comes at a bad time of year and means a bit of belt-tightening at the PI household.

The current lack of working motor vehicle has caused #1 Son to hitch rides downtown with me in the morning and then catch the Max to school from there. Ditto for picking him up at the transit center at night after work.

This morning we were running late. I can do that well all by myself, and #1 Son can do it even better. So with both of us trying to get out the door at the same time, we were a bit pressed for time.

I always bring an UFO to work with me, just in case I have time to knit during lunch. I have several little totes that I keep UFOs in for just that purpose. This morning I took the Lorna’s Laces socks out of “their” tote because I wanted to start the Fair Isle fingerless gloves for E. I need to wind the pink Frog Tree alpaca into balls, also.

Did I say we were running late?

I arrived at work with yarn in hand, but no nostepinne for ball winding. I found that a white-board marker is just about the right size to wind a center-pull yarn ball, so I was going great guns. Until I realized that I also forgot to bring any needles.


I have absolutely no office equipment the same size and shape as a US#3 circ.

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