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My cold seems to be a bit better this morning. Hopefully it will be short-lived. How annoying to have a cold in the summer.

It’s hot in the house. #1 Son left his window open yesterday and let the heat in. There was no breeze last night at all, so even with the fans on the air just didn’t move. No thunderstorms last night, like we had on Monday night. It was so cool being woken up by thunder!

It’s been humid, too. I had my hair trimmed and touched-up on Monday, so now with the humidity it’s really, really big. #1 Son stopped by work yesterday and someone made a crack about him “having his mom’s hair.” Hmmmm… not quite the look that I was going for. Guess I’ll have to keep it knotted up until it calms down. It’s supposed to be cooler today, but the humidity is still 90%. If only my hair had the same amount of curliness all over, instead of doing corkscrews in some places and being almost straight in others. Blech. People with straight hair don’t know how good they have it.

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