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a light in the darkness
a light in the darkness

Saturday night I flipped on the light switch in the kitchen, saw a flash, heard a pop, and realized that I was once again down to one working bulb out of seven.

I don’t mean to not replace the bulbs when the burn out. It’s just that the darn things all go at once. Two weeks ago, the first burned out. And there’s been a steady progression of burnout in my kitchen ever since. And I didn’t have any spare ones. And for some reason when I’d stop at the store to pick something up, my focus on that thing would take up both of my remaining brain cells and there was no place left to store the need to do something about the growing darkness. Until last night when I realized I was nearing a total eclipse of the kitchen, and I would be reduced to cooking by flashlight if I didn’t do something about it soon.

If you’ve been visiting here for very long, gentle reader, you will recognize this situation. Yes, I can be taught, but sometimes it takes many repetitions.

So today at the store I concentrated really hard and managed to remember light bulbs — and even remembered to buy some extra ones. Of course I forget TP. But that’s a different story.

When I got home, I replaced all of the burned out bulbs. The light has returned.

And I have a question for you. Have you tried the florescent bulbs? I think in some parts of the country, the incandescent bulbs are no longer being sold? We can still get them here in Oregon. But I bought one of the florescent bulbs just to see what I thought of it. And I’m not really diggin’ it. It’s bright enough and all. But here in the rainy, dark, northwest winter I really appreciate the daylight type bulbs I usually get. Florescent light is cold. brrrrr The bulb fits a little strangely in the can, too. It doesn’t go flush with the ceiling. I compared it to an incandescent bulb and it’s longer. It’s certainly bright enough, though. And it’s much better for the environment, uses much less energy, etc. The jury is still out for me.

What do you think?

No knitting. I haven’t had time to knit. I’ve barely had time to do anything by work. Another couple of weeks, and I think I’ll start to have a bit of spare time.

Don’t tell anyone that might want to find a way to use it up. 🙄

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