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Flash Your Sticks!

OK… there’s not much progress on the baby socks. I will admit it. But I have a couple of good excuses.

First, though, before anything else: don’t forget that tomorrow is World Wide Knit In Public Day. Go somewhere and flash your sticks. Let’s amaze the world with our sheer numbers. 😯

Baby socks… have you ever noticed how tiny a baby’s foot is? Really tiny. And socks to fit on such a tiny little foot need to be equally tiny or they will fall off. And then the tiny little foot would get cold. And this would not be good.

I knit all the way up the foot and then realized that what I had was really more along the lines of something a 6-year-old child would wear. Since I would like this baby to be able to have the use of these socks some time before starting school, I ripped them out and started over. The good news is that they are even tinier than before, and so will take even less time than before. If I actually knit on them.

Life intervenes.

Yesterday I was minding my own business, finishing up some work and thinking that maybe I could get out relatively early and go home to do some serious baby-sock knitting, when my cell phone rang.

I’d forgotten to put it on vibrate instead of ring like all get-out. Click on the little player thingy below to hear my cell phone ring and understand why there were giggles from the cubes around me.

The phone call was from my friend L, who jumped right in to the conversation without even saying hello.

L: Where are you?

Me (frantically trying to remember if I was supposed to meet her someplace and totally flaked out, and coming up blank, decided to fish blatantly for a clue): I’m at work. Where are you?

L: I’m at work, too. But we should both be somewhere else having dinner, don’t you think?

Me (breathing hopefully inaudible sigh of relief): How about Thai?

L: How about 6:30?

Me: I’ll see you there!

That L is one of my bestest friends (yes, I can still use that word and mean it!), is shown by the fact that I will actually knit pink things for her.

I first met L back when I was in the process of disentanglement from the sperm doner. I met L on AOL. That sounds weird to say, now, but this was way back in the early days of the internet. It was not long after PC Mag published a big issue devoted to why you should be online, and having an email address was still fairly new and a cool thing (now I have dozens, I think), and spam was almost non-existent (almost).

I really, really wanted to meet some new people. It’s funny about what happens to your friends when you divorce. Those who were my friends before I got married are still my friends. Those friends that we made as a couple for the most part simply faded away.

So, anyway, I posted on a people search type board that I was looking to meet people to do fun things with — no romance, no sex, no strings. Just a cup of coffee or a movie or a stroll in the park. Did I mention no sex? Just friends. Period. And L emailed me and said she’d like to do coffee or some such because she wanted to make some new friends, too. And we hit it off and a firm friendship was formed.

Nobody else answered. I think it was the no sex thing. Even back then, the internet was a rather sleazy place in some parts. I wouldn’t go in chat rooms because they were all M-20-looking-4-u and such. Ick.

Now, of course, there’s the wonderful online blogosphere community, and I’ve met wonderful people – both online and in real life – and had lots of fun. But this was the early days, way before blogs were invented.

So L answered my ad and I made a new friend, and we’ve been friends ever since. Last night we met for Thai and talked about our kids and her husband and my work and her work and the state of the union and why it seems impossible to have a life any more. And we got to talking about old times and people that we’ve known and funny things that have happened. And the restaurant closed so we moved outside and talked some more, and laughed until we cried and had a grand time.

So it was too late to knit when I got home, but I’m not feeling at all guilty about those socks. Nosiree.

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