Moo Cow wants to go

#1 Son and I are back from our annual trek to Las Vegas for the holidays, and a fun time was had by all. I’ll post later about the trip, which featured a tour of Death Valley on an unbelievably gorgeous day. But this is a picture I took just before we left. I had put my carry-on bag up on the bed to pack it, turned around to gather up a few things I wanted to take, and when I turned back this was what I found.

Do you think that Moo Cow wanted to go along with us? She wasn’t too happy when I removed her from the top of the bag so I could pack. And which bag is your’s ma’am? That would be the one with cat hair all over it.

That’s a standard-sized carry-on bag that she is taking up most of the side of. Moo is, shall we say… big boned and “fluffy.”

Las Vegas socks

And lest anyone think I did nothing but gamble, drink, take tours, go to shows, and otherwise goof off (all of which I did), here’s some proof that knitting was also accomplished. This is the Lorna’s Laces sock I started awhile back in the color called “Gold Hill” – a fitting color for Las Vegas, I thought. As you can see, I have progressed a lot! I made it around both of the heels and started up the ankle.

If the heels look a little strange, it’s because I used the same ribbed faux cable pattern that is on the instep. I’m rather pleased with the way that it’s coming out. Once the socks are blocked, it will look a lot better. The colors pooled a little bit over the gusset increases, but on the whole they are behaving themselves admirably.

The soscks are a little big on me, but I plan to wear them anyway. A lot. They’re not so big as to be uncomfortable; just a little looser than I usually prefer.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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