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buttons and sweater

Not much done on the Sensational Shirttail sweater over the weekend, but here’s a picture of where I was on Friday and the buttons that I got at Button Emporium. The buttons were hand-made from horn. I really like the spiral design on them. They are shown against the back of the sweater. I’ve gotten a little further than this, but not much. (Click the pic for the bigger version.)

I was very busy over the weekend with graduation (YEA!) and helping #1 Son move on Sunday. He is moving into a house with a bunch of friends for the summer. It’s a typical college-age kid house: Miscellaneous furniture, steep winding stairs, 3 bikes parked in the living room, narrow street. I’ve lived in such houses myself in my checkered past. #1 Son is sub-leasing 1/2 the attic. It’s a nice space with a door and a skylight. I wouldn’t want to go up and down those stairs every day, but he’s young and devil-may-care. I wish him well.

I promised not to call him all the time trying to find out what he’s up to and he promised to “keep in touch.” He called me three times Sunday night. 😀

The house seems very quiet. The fur kids are wandering aimlessly around, and Moo Cow misses her buddy a lot.

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