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Mudstone Socks

Mudstone socks

This is STR in Mudslide (the brown) and Stonewashed (the blue). I dubbed these the “Mudstone” socks. The foot was knit in a spiral stripe — i.e. work one round of color 1, drop color 1 and work one round of color 2, drop color 2 and work one round of color 1, etc. There is no crossing or carrying of the colors because in a spiral, the right color is always ready to go.

I made the toes brown after polling the teenagers who were at Tangle when I started the socks. I made the heels blue for contrast. I considered doing something “interesting” on the tops, but I needed to get them finished before leaving on vacation, so ended up with simple ribbing in the brown to match the toes.

And, just in case anyone was wondering, keeping 4 strands of yarn untangled was the pits.

I’m OK with how they came out. They’re not my favorite pair of socks. But I like the colors and they fit very well.

it’s supposed to say SOCK

Here is the shadow knitting revealed in all its hard-to-read glory. Use your imagination just a little here, please. Tilt your head slightly to the right. Starting from just above the heel and going up the right side, it says SOCK. Now tilt your head slightly to the left. Starting at the top and going down the left side, it says SOCK. See it? Do you? Click on the pic for the biggy version.

Yeah… not that successful, eh? When they’re on, I can’t read it at all. Oh well.

Shall we call it purl as you go? 🙄

The Particulars: