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Moebius Pencil Holder

moebius pencil holder before it started its career

I started this moebius pencil holder after I returned home from the Magical Moebius Festival. I’d been looking for something a little more knitterly to keep my pens and pencils in at work, and a felted bowl seemed like just the thing. And since I’d just learned to knit moebii, a little one seemed like just the thing

I worked on it a bit on Sunday and Monday, and then finished up the knitting on Tuesday night. Then into the washer it went. Two extra-hot cycles in my front loader were enough to reach the result I desired. It’s felted hard enough to hold its shape, but there is still a tiny bit of stitch definition. While it was still wet, I molded and squooshed it a bit so that the bottom would be flat and the sides would have the shape I wanted. Then I stuffed it with rolled up washcloths and let it sit until dry.

While knitting it, I allowed the handle to curl a little rather than forcing it to be flat because I liked the way that looked. I was aiming for something vaguely organic looking, as though it might have sort of grown on top of my desk. I think I mostly succeeded.

moebius pencil holder performing its appointed task

My pens and pencils used to reside a small flowerpot. The flowerpot is now inside the moebius bowl. The flower pot adds strength and a little more rigidity. If I only had a few pens and pencils, probably I would have been OK to leave the flower pot out, but with that many something more than felt is needed. Fortunately the flower pot just fit in perfectly.

The particulars: