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Basket Weave Socks

basket weave socks

Note the lovely pinwheel toe and the non-crocheted (aka. “purl” or “lace”) bind-off. (click on the pick for a bigger view)

I debated over the ribbing at the top. It doesn’t seem very basket like. In the end oh-dark-30 dead brain common sense prevailed, and ribbing it was.

I tried some new things out with these socks. The octagonal pinwheel toe was new. I also tried out a method for having ankles wider than feet without increasing post-heel-flap. Someone who might sign up for the sock class said, You’re going to to teach how to have ankles that are larger, right? Since I nodded and agreed that of course I was going to do so, I thought I’d better come up with a way to actually do it so I’d have a method to teach. 😆 I think it worked out pretty well, and it fits within the whole “non-pattern” pattern theme.

happy feet wearing basket weave socks

The particulars:

Yes, my feet are happy and warm!