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A Dozen Teeny Tiny Socks

teeny socks

And what do you think a line of teeny, tiny socks is doing, hanging from my mantle? (Click on the pic for a bigger version.)

Those are 12 little socks, knit all at once on two size US#1 Addi Turbos.

Personally, although I wasn’t competing in the Knitting Olympics, I really think I deserve an Honorable mention for this one! That’s 12 socks! Twelve! All at once! And, no, I didn’t manage to keep the yarn untangled, especially when I turned the heels. That was a mess.

I’m not sure I would try this feat again.


All of the yarn was left-overs from other socks projects. As far as I can remember, from left to right this was:

And what does one do with 12 teeny, tiny little socks?

Why… turn them in to little sock bookmarks, of course! These were gifted to a special group of women.