Techie Talk by Judy @ 11:23 AM

The browser, that is.

Why can’t Opera behave like a normal browser? I like Opera a lot. I think it’s a great browser. It claims to have the best CSS2 support. It claims.

Opera allows the operating system to draw all inline frames, which means that frames are no longer in the control of the browser, are no longer positioned objects, and are no longer 3-dimensional. So iframes are always on top. Always. And my menus will never work with Opera, because they will always get shoved under the iframe.

In looking at the W3C documentation, it sure looks to me as though iframes should be positioned objects, and z-index should have meaning. IE, Netscape and Firebird all interpret it that way.

According to Opera’s forum, they’re thinking about looking into this in “the future.” And that leave a heck of a lot of iframe-laden web sites out in the cold as far as Opera goes.

I could redesign to get rid of the iframe. But it resizes correctly, degrades nicely and allows for fast page loads. With the amount of graphics on mm, I don’t want to reload every page every time. And I can’t come up with an option that would work as well.

Good thing nobody else comes here. 🙂

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